Currently the workstation and desk environments are heading more towards height adjustable solutions.

Many Government Departments and larger organisations have been introducing the Sit to Stand solutions to their workforce over the past few years. This shift away from standard height desks to electric sit to stand solutions is now making its way through to all organisations and to the general public.

With the average office bound worker being "tied" to their desks, the solution of Sit to Stand desking options offers the worker the ability to not only have more ergonomic choices, but to also engage in a more physical day, potentially increasing productivity and increased health benefits.


Studies are also currently being trialled in some school classrooms here in Queensland on the possible health benefits as well as the ability to retain more information.


Logic Interiors are now offering our clients a range of electric height adjustable desks and workstations.


We can also offer custom sizes and colours, just contact us and we can provide you with a quote.