When it comes to organising your new office fit out and furniture, is it best to have the furniture custom made or use standard "off the shelf products".

In the past if you wanted a modern looking quality office fit out, the only option was to go with a custom solution. With limited offerings in the colours, designs and sizes in standard off the shelf products, custom made ws usually the best option.

This has now all changed. There has been a rapid increase in designs, colour selections and sizes in standard in past few years. Here at Logic Interiors, we offer most of our melamine desks and workstations in 8 colour combinations, in various sizes. These combinations and options as well as the matching pieces (bookcases, credenzes, meeting tables), now allow the majoirty of people the ability to furnish their offices in modern "off the shelf" products. 

By utilizing  standard offerings you can save you money, as well as giving you the ability to shop online and order your next fit out without having to consult a designer.

For those customers requiring "custom" products and colours, these can now be ordered to "match in" with standard products and solutions.

If you need to upgrade or require a new office fitout, Logic Interiors can offer a whole solution plan. Whether it is a full custom made solution, an "off the shelf" solution or a combination of both just contact us and we can provide you with a quote.